Electric Nail Drill

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A professional electric grinding pen is made for engraving, milling, grinding, drawing, trimming, polishing, removing and drilling. It had a small and beautiful design. It is good for home and professional use.


Electric Pen-shape nail drill machine:

  • Variable speed control: up to 20,000 RPM
  • Handpiece can be directly connected to electricity
  • Easy to carry and to take it with you
  • Quiet and smooth
  • Can be used for natural nails as well as artificial nails

Safety Rules:

  • Always unplug the tool when you change accessory
  • Do not use near or place in water. If motor falls into water, unplug immediately, do not reach into water
  • Do not touch the lamp bulb after use. The bulb can be too hot to be touched
  • Always unplug the nail drill after use
  • When the machine is not in use, all tools must be stored in a dry place