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The primer improves the adhesion of artificial surfaces to natural nails by acting as a primer prior to application. Gel polish, poly gel, acrylic, or gel - the primer is compatible with all coatings. Prevents varnish flaking and creates a protective base coat.

Why is it so important to buy the highest quality gel polish base? This coating serves several important functions. Firstly, it improves the adhesion between the nail and the color gel polish, prolonging the wearing period of your wonderful manicure. Secondly, the base protects your nails from the aggressive effects of coloring pigments, which are abundant in color gel polish. Thirdly, the base aligns the nail plate, hiding the grooves. Thanks to this, the color adheres better. Fourth, it's worth noting that some base coats help strengthen nails, which is critical for supporting weak, brittle nail plates.

The topcoat is considered the thickest compared to base and color. Therefore, it must be applied correctly. Warm the bottle before using it in your hands and roll it between your palms for a minute or two. After shaking the top coat of the gel polish, set it aside for a couple of minutes so that bubbles do not interfere with the application.

It is important to use the brush correctly - do not hold it at an angle to the nail and avoid strong pressure, otherwise, light spots, stripes on the manicure or other defects will appear.
- wipe the brush away from yourself, removing excess from the brush;
- Apply parallel to the nail plate in a thin and even layer.
- do it as close to the cuticle as possible;
- seal the free edge.