Professional Set of Gel polishes 120 pcs

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If you are a professional manicure or are just planning to start your business, then it is very profitable for you to purchase this set! 111 gel polish colors priced at $ 5.75. You save over $ 1000! 

Nail Gel Polish Set

Main product - 111 pieces of 12ml color gel nail polish

1 color chart 12ml nail gel polish and builder gel
1 pc primer 
1 PC. Basic coverage 
1 PC. No wipe top coat 
1 PC. Matte topcoat 
1 PC. Tempered top coat 
4 things. Venalisa 12ml platinum gel nail polish (No. 1201. No. 1205. No. 1206. No. 1208)

And a luxurious leather bag from the VENALISA brand