Nail Gel Polish 7.5ml

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Luxurious color collection. Gels in a new modern and eco-friendly plastic bottle. The colors fit the canvas and you can wear a manicure for 3 weeks.

High-quality nail gel polish

Each color with single luxury box, one box one gel

luxurious colors (60 colors) for selection

More eco-friendly and healthy raw material

Сhoose the color you like

Attention: Color 85 to 90 all are glaze color, semi-transparent color



Using nail gel polish

Primer - Base Coat - Color Gel - Top Coat

After using Primer you don't have to use the lamp.
Dry the base in the lamp. Apply color in two layers and cure each layer in a lamp. Apply a top coat or matte top and cure in a lamp. Your manicure is ready. You can enjoy it for 3 weeks.