UV LED Nail Lamp 36W

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  • 1 nail lamp
  • 1 USB plug 
  • 1  manual

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: There are 12 LED beads. The LED light source is soft and natural. It doesn't  harm the eyes. Large LCD screen also allows you to see the timer clearly. Timing will be displayed on the big LCD screen.

SMART AUTO SENOR FUNCTION: There is an auto-sensor for on/off (no switch). Hands in, turns light on. Hands out, turns light off. It automatically senses without pressing a button. 3 Timer setting (30s, 60s, 90s) can easily control the curing time. 



FIT GEL TYPES: Thanks to the advanced technology, the LED nail lamp can be used for UV Gel,  LED Gel,  Builder and Hard gels.